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Filming of Revived Kitchen Nightmares Show at New Jersey Restaurant

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Filming of Revived Kitchen Nightmares Show at New Jersey Restaurant

Don’t be a dumb donkey and miss this one. Gordon Ramsay is filming in New Jersey.

“Kitchen Nightmares” first aired on September 19, 2007. The reality show in which Gordon Ramsay was invited by failing restaurants to come in and turn them around called it quits in 2014 after 7 seasons and 92 episodes.

The often ill-tempered cooking star moved on to “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.” But now he’s launching a revival of “Kitchen Nightmares” and he’s in the Garden State as I write this.

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He’s been seen in Dumont filming at Da Mimmo which serves Italian food and brick oven pizza.

It’s a new place less than a year old and if the celebrity surrounding Ramsay isn’t enough get this, the restaurant is owned by TikTok stars the Gigante brothers — Vincent, Vito and Antonio.

This not-so-mysterious Instagram post from Da Mimmo’s pretty much is a no-brainer now that Gordon Ramsay has been seen there.

New Jersey restaurants were often featured on the first run of “Kitchen Nightmares.”

Just some that made it on the show were Campania in Fair Lawn, Flamangos in Whitehouse Station, Blackberry’s in Plainfield and Leone’s in Montclair just to name a few.

Some fun Gordon Ramsay trivia:

He’s a black belt in karate. (Like he wasn’t intimidating enough screaming at you)

He’s competed in over 15 marathons and in the Ironman World Championship.

2013 Summer TCA Tour – Day 9

His shoe size is a U.S. 16.

He’d call it football, we’d call it soccer, but it was his dream career before injury changed his life’s path.

He opened his first restaurant at age 31.

He says his favorite midnight snack is baked beans on grilled sourdough bread with garlic and hot sauce and topped with a duck egg and Parmesan cheese.

I think I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little bit.

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